Normal 0 0 1 305 1743 14 3 2140 11.1287 0 0 0 So now two days after Super Bowl XLV I have finally decided to reveal my reaction.  Overall the game completely caught me off guard, the Pittsburgh Steelers looked as if they had cold feet while the Green Bay Packers came out like a rocket.

I was completely surprised to be honest to see the Steelers struggling to keep up with the pace of the Packers Offense.  Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers really came out firing and had a magnificent day throwing the ball, and probably could have had one of the best days in Super Bowl history if it weren’t for a few drops by his wide receivers.  What impressed me about Rodgers performance is the fact that the Steelers by the second quarter and most of the third quarter, had started to control the clock, holding Rodgers on the sideline, but once he had his chances he made them count.  Rodgers came off the bench time and time again and looked as if he had not missed a beat.

Another impression I got watching the game was that ball-hawking safety Troy Polamalu for the Steelers had completely disappeared.  But not only did he disappear, he looked lost as the Packers attacked the Steelers secondary. Truly an attest to the true genius of Packers head coach and play caller Mike McCarthy, and the play of Rodgers. 

Now for the commercials, half-time show and National Anthem.  Lets start with the National Anthem done by Christina Agulera.  First off if you are going to do the National Anthem at least get it right.  I have only seen someone mess up the National Anthem once, at a Boston Bruins hockey game, and guess what, everyone noticed.  As for the half-time show, the light show was impressive by the Black Eyed Peas, but what was not impressive was the singing by Fergie, I think she might want to find a tuner or maybe a new voice box.  The commercials were more clever than funny; personally I enjoyed the commercial.

Overall one cannot deny that Dallas Cowboys Stadium is a cathedral for the game, and that the game itself was a fantastic watch.  What was not a fantastic watch was the line-up at the Papa John’s before the game, yikes!