Going through the many articles on ESPN, searching for a possible story idea I stumbled upon ESPN.com’s series “I am a World Champion:  Super Bowl championship quarterbacks” presented by Bing.

I found this historical presentation of quarterbacks and their stories leading up to, during, and following the Super Bowl and how that event changed their lives, unbelievably compelling.  Some have videos that accompany the story write-up, while some just have a picture of the quarterback and the write-up. Many are, besides details, quite similar and thoroughly compelling, three of these I really enjoyed, Roger Staubach’s, Terry Bradshaw’s, and Jim Plunkett’s.

The videos are a definite watch.  From Staubach talking about how coach Tom Landry, being the industrial engineer that he was, was having film sessions with Staubach every day for hours on end until Landry’s wife told Landry to give Staubach the night off before Super Bowl VI.  Staubach then went to see Clint Eastwood’s performance in “Dirty Harry” and then went on to win the Super Bowl.  Bradshaw’s was more encompassing of his career in which he battled depression and how he struggled to cope with criticism.  While Plunkett’s, which was my personal favorite, talked about how he felt that after failing earlier in his career and that he needed to win the Super Bowl in order to cement not only his place in the Hall of Fame but his starting job!

Overall I believe that this series done by ESPN is a fantastic endeavor and definitely a good watch.  If you love your football past, it is a must see.