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Googlemeister, noun, originally from German for 'master.' We're Google marketing experts.

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Well, a lot. There are over 4 billion Internet users; half will use a search engine today.

  • If you ask people which search engine they use, 90% say Google.
  • By total number of searches, Google has 86% of the search engine market.

Google is optimized for relevancy.

Since all search engines capture and analyze web pages, Larry Page and Serge Brin, the founders of Google, innovated by designing their algorithm based on content, and based on links.

The scientific community gave them the idea. In the scientific community, important papers and theories are ranked by how many other papers refer to them in their bibliographies. On the Internet, links are a kind of bibliography. Google experts like Googlemeister, help shape your content and provide advice on how to strengthen the relevancy of your website.

Doesn't Search Advertising influence results?

On some search engines - yes. On Google - no. We believe that Google has earned the dominant (#1) position because of the integrity of their natural search results, and the care with which they have separated advertising from search results.

Google's success comes from separating advertising from natural search results and presenting results in a standard format with natural results on the left and ads on the right. Search engine users may not appreciate the differences between the two, but they do value the content on the left (the natural search result), because this what generates most clicks on a search engine result page.

Natural results cannot be purchased; they must be earned.

That's where comes in. We are Google marketing experts. We use our know-how (learned the hard way since 2002) to make your site relevant. Even more importantly, we apply our Google expertise and experience relative to your competition, so your website can be more relevant than your competitors. We know how to do this. We've done it for ourselves. We've done it for others. Get the Google marketing experts working for you.