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The NPM Convention app is used before the Convention, during the Convention and long after the banquet chairs are folded away. Unlike many other take aways, the Convention app gets carried everywhere the member goes. In fact, nearly seven months after the Convention we are still getting the app downloaded. In 2017 it is expected to be used by over 500 members. With the custom tabs advertisers get a prominent, premium positioning in the iPhone and iPad app, alongside the Schedule, Maps and Chapters tabs. Members will be curious to see what wonderful experience you've set for them.

We don't plan to disappoint. Instead, you can wow your target members and deliver answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Overcome objections with facts. Include testimonials. Movies. MP3s. PDF resources. Sample sheet music (as PDF or PNG files).

You can get plenty creative on this one. We will bring it all together for members. In the app. In their pockets. All. Year. 'Round.

Here are a few 'beauty shots' of Custom Tabs.