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Digital Hermosa, noun, originally from Spanish for 'beautiful view.' We're iOS Engineers.

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DigitalHermosa is the 'stage name' of the software engineer, parish musician and NPM Worcester MA chapter executive member, Peter Brockmann. Organizing creative content this way (and believe me, software is very much a creative endeavor) makes us look bigger and more 'corporate' and therefore safer, less sketchy and more credible than the more accurate software by Peter name might. Using the name Digital Hermosa also affords a degree of branding aspiration and gives us transactional flexibility and simplicity in potential future deals involving our software products and services.

But that's so much marketing.

The Brockmann Store, is setup to enable e-commerce for key Convention app advertising services. It's for your convenience. We've kept it in the Digital Hermosa-branded shell, to make it look familiar. It's the Brockmann Store because has an https certificate, so you know with confidence that you are shopping at a real online store front. Also, your PayPal and creditcard processing will come from, so better to deal with a little confusion BEFORE a transaction than a lot of confusion AFTER a transaction. :)