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My brother, Wilfred and I are working on a cool new project that promises to change the way you think about investing. You can BEAT THE INDEX. We will show you how.

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Apples & Apples

  • NSURLSession dataTaskWithRequest:completionHander: Pain Resolved

    I think I’ve just come across the iOS equivalent of a cure for chronic pain. If you’ve ever had chronic pain, an aching back, a stiff knee joint and worried about what that means, and bugged doctor after doctor, tried therapy after therapy to no avail until the cure pops you in the head, then […]

  • Apple Pencil

    Well, it sure took me a while to identify the use case for the $99 Apple Pen. Although I am sure there are folks who use the Pencil every day, I have been skeptical of the value the device could bring to my work style, until this month.

  • Shell Script to Test Last Git Commit

    In developing a solid Continuous Integration system, I’ve had to learn many important and useful bash script tricks. Here’s one to test the name of the last committer.