Welcome to This Amazing Website

This domain has been a family heirloom since 1996 when it was first acquired by the current ‘steward.’ I use the word ‘steward’ because there is only one www.brockmann.com in the universe and although I may own it for now and have owned it for the past 20 years, I have no illusion that I will own it forever. So, like the planet we live on, I am merely a steward of this global resource which may have a life longer than mine.

OK. I get that.

So, snoop around and search through the content here. There are nearly 2,000 posts and dozens of attachments on all manner of topics. Many of which was written in the 2006-2009 timeframe when Brockmann & Company was at its height as an industry analyst focused on IP video, unified communications and the enterprise communications market. Since the Great Recession, we’ve been exploring Apple technologies including Objective C and Swift.