FCC Enforcement Division Weighs in with a procedure for extensions and expected actions for non-compliance.

You might recall the FCC decision to require telephony-substitute services to require notification to each and every enduser about E911 capabilities (or lack of them) capturing an affirmative acknowledgment of that communication.In this communique, the FCC Enforcement Bureau provides guidance on what to do if no affirmative acknowledgment is obtained by the end date (shut off the service), the deployment of stickers for attachment to the device and reporting requirements including the detailed description of the actions taken by the service provider and the quantity of subscribers that have returned an affirmative acknowledgment. Fortunately, you can file your compliance letters electronically.

This requirement is really for a particular class of VoIP provider – the Interconnected service provider – who enables service to users attached to the phone network. So, IP only service providers, or PC-PC providers are excluded from this requirement.