Customer Insight

New Class of Mobile App

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Usability in Mobile

Usability is an increasingly important domain for many technology companies for a variety of reasons. Users are exposed to a growing array of user interfaces which greatly affects their satisfaction with each of them and at the same time, adjusts their expectations from the companies offering the product or software. Here’s a powerful blog post […]

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Gaming Science


As a kid, my mother used to encourage us kids to turn our chores into a game. Like the youngsters in Disney’s Mary Poppins, we were quickly transformed from grumpy grudging slaves into happy-go-lucky singers. Its true that getting people to help solve tough problems can be as simple as making it a game. I’ve […]

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How Uncertainty Prolongs the Recession


What will it take to right our economy? In the past, the recovery was led by IT investment and consumer spending. But this time it seems to be taking a little longer than expected. Why? A recent letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal by James Easterlin of Durham NC commenting on Andy […]

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The Experience Effect


The Fun Theory, as implemented by Volkswagen as part of a campaign to associate their brand with having fun (fun of driving) which is consistent with their standard TV ads, was completely successful. One of these videos, the Stairs, has generated 12 million views – quite the feat for only six months of operation and […]

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