Why Do We Want High Speed Rail?


America’s passenger rail system is a joke. Amtrak has consumed enormous subsidies with negligible economic impact on the nation and this administration wants to up the ante with even bigger subsidies for high speed rail. However, America’s freight railroad industry is the envy of the world. The average horsepower has increased by nearly three quarters […]

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If Only The Government Would Be An Energy Source Instead of Drain


The largely discredited implementation of [[cap and trade]] seems to have given way to a different approach in US law, which is the idea of the [[renewable portfolio standard]] (RPS). Like the standards established decades ago for ever tightening standards for the fleet-wide efficiencies of automotive companies aka [[Corporate Average Fuel Economy]], the RPS is […]

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New Codes, More Money


In Massachusetts and probably elsewhere around the country, towns and cities are trying to do their part to make the world a ‘greener’ place. Although the role of municipal politics and local social action in green matters are not well defined beyond the 3Rs of post-consumer waste management, zoning and land use control and some disastrous […]

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Green vs Green


Would you rather be green or have some green(backs)? This seems a rather common dilemma these days.  In Employment, Environment at Odds, ( sub. required) an example of this dilemma is discussed. An Indian power company wanted to purchase $600 million worth of coal mining machinery from a U.S. company. However, the common process for financing […]

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Tesla to the future!


Tesla Motors Inc had their IPO this past Tuesday (june 29, 2010) as one of America’s newest and more promising electric automobile companies. Tesla Motors, according to the Wall Street Journal (sub required), Telsa’s IPO May be long drive for Investors is, against conventional wisdom not making a profit, and not expecting to earn a […]

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