Ad Hoc Poll Results

Should broadband wireless be exempt from the potential provisions of Net Neutrality?


Much ink has been spilt and many electrons have been rearranged to discuss the pros and cons of Net Neutrality as a regulatory philosophy for managing the Internet. The arguments have been that as the Internet becomes increasingly important as an entertainment and communications service infrastructure, there should be safeguards and service provider behaviors that […]

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What % of your business calls come to your mobile phone?


As a measure of how much mobile communications happens for business, this ad hoc result indicates that mobile communications is very important. Consider that most of these calls, if made to the employee’s standard desktop phone number without benefit of mobile would be voicemail and voicemail tag. I once calculated that I had spent some […]

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World Cup and Work


              For some folks the FIFA World Cup 2010 represented a colossal waste of time, but for much of Europe, South America and even Canada and the USA, the quadrennial sporting event was full of drama on and off the pitch. Our ad hoc survey during the run up […]

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Do you use hosted audio conference services or an internal bridge?


Audio conferencing is almost as important as face-to-face meetings to most business users. This is the industry workhorse collaboration technology.

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Are you seeing signs of economic recovery?


Based on the views and experiences of visitors to during April 2010, it seems that nearly 80% of respondents HAVE indeed seen some signs of economic recovery. Although Definitely seeing signs of economic recovery was a selection option, it really only speaks to the strength of the economic recovery witnessed by the respondent. It […]

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