Sister Annata Brockman


My aunt, Sister Annata Brockman, formerly of Edmonton Alberta Canada and then resident of Halifax Nova Scotia, bears the honour of having a Catholic elementary/middle/junior high school named after her, by the Edmonton Catholic School Board. This is particularly rare given the Catholic propensity to particularly honor holy people after death.

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Erika Brockmann Quiroga


Erika Brockmann completed her BA in psychology and later pursued graduate studies in gender, political science and democracy studies. She was a member of the Bolivian national parliament between 1997 and 2005 as a member of the Revolutionary Left Movement (Social Democrat). 

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Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann


Born in Los Angeles California in 1933, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann was ordained a Maryknoll priest and through the 1970s was a teacher, writer and liberation theologian.

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Jon Brockman Drafted into NBA

David Brockmann, in 2009 writes “Being a college student, sports are the only thing that are a constant throughout the day that is available at all times.  And with the constant sports all around me at University, I couldn’t help but notice a 6 foot 7 inch Power Forward University of Washington basketball team that […]

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Guillermo Brockmann, Mexican Entreprenuer & Philanthropist


In 1992 Guillermo Brockmann, a Mexican entrepreneur created a foundation in his mother’s name and endowed it with $1.5 million. When he was nine years old his father, grandfather and only uncle all died leaving his mother a young widow in dire financial straits. Despite early widowhood and multiple hardships she was able to educate […]

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