Collaboration Research

What Will it Take to Win in Consumer Video Communications?


FREE. The first report of our new subscription service on Consumer Video Communications Research, What Will It Take To Win In Consumer Video Communications? is available at no charge, no login credentials. This 13-page report presents a short historical narrative of the many failures of entrants to the consumer video communications market, and discusses the […]

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5 Steps to Improving The Audio Conferencing Experience


Audio conferencing is a collaboration workhorse service. The service is of strategic business importance since it is rated very important to business success by 63% of the Audio Conferencing Panel. In terms of importance to job performance, audio conferencing is as important as face-to-face meetings. This is because of its simple activation, reliable operation and […]

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North Americans Prefer Audio Conferencing


This 4-page report on the experiences of North American audio conferencing users shows how audio conferencing, the collaboration workhorse service is as important to business success as the traditional face-to-face meeting for our business conferencing and collaboration panel. However, from a satisfaction perspective, audio conferencing scores 33% less than face-to-face meetings. The 161 members of […]

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Euro-Web Conferencing Gets Boost


The Europe, Middle East and Africa Conferencing Panel sets out their experience with the range of conferencing services – face-to-face, audio conferencing, web conferencing, immersive telepresence, PC video conferencing, room video conferencing and executive-style video conferencing – detailing the importance to job performance, satisfaction with, average length of session, expectation to increase frequency and length […]

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Asia Lags in Conferencing


The Asia, Australia and Oceania Conferencing Panel provided details about their experiences and expectations for seven critical collaboration services – face-to-face meetings, audio conferencing, web conferencing, PC video conferencing, room video conferencing, executive video conferencing and immersive telepresence. On most of these services, the region lags behind the adoption frequency of their North American and […]

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