Beyond ETFs is born out of frustration with professional financial advisor 'help' that really didn't help. It's born from years of disappointment with poor performance. It's born out of a willingness to try something new, but with an fresh understanding that owning a stock is nothing like owning any other product known to man.

This, is all about
investing by you.
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There are two amazing things about this app and the investing system at the heart of it.

One is that it works. And works. And works, really well. The Brockmann Method, diligently applied has been shown to generate a return nearly 10X the initial investment and over 5X greater than the S&P 100 index since 2007.

Two is that it is so simple that we are truly surprised that nobody thought of this before. Beyond ETFs is designed to exploit one, simple, economic principal in combination with the insight of an academic researcher. It is a rules-based, proven and elegant methodology to beat the Index. Beyond ETFs leverages the compute power of your iPhone or iPad to assess your score, in real time. It also signals very colorfully, that it's time to sell one or more of your stocks.

I use it every day, and have since I started working on this project in early 2017. You see, I fired my financial advisor and with the help of my brother, Wilf Brockmann, decided that creating my own Self Directed Fund was not only possible, but wonderful (and high performance).

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