Fundamental Research

Net Neutrality Users Guide


Recent events have catapulted the question of Net Neutrality,which has been talked about for the past decade or so, directly into the public eye: A Federal Appeals Court reminded the Federal Communications Commission that it has no regulatory jurisdiction over Type I communications services (Internet); The chairman of the FCC proposed his ‘third way’ to […]

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Large Company Reports

Large companies are defined as those organizations with more than 1,000 employees. Typically Brockmann & Company market research projects involve segmentation of organizations to assess the maturity and scale of technologies, organization, practices and policies across the Large Company, MidMarket and Small Business segments. In the organizational lifecycle, this scale of business happens in companies […]

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Small Business Reports

Brockmann & Company uses organizational size as measured by number of employees as a variable for segmentation of user needs. Small businesses have more than 1 and as many as 100 employees. Our hypothesis, as shown in these reports, is based on the lifecycle of business organizations. Every business starts as a small organization and […]

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MidMarket Reports

The MidMarket is defined as those organizations with more than 101 and as many as 1000 employees. It is our contention that the needs of this segment varies considerably from its larger and smaller competitors and peers and the various reports available for free download below, show this to be the case. That’s because of […]

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Acquisition Analysis of Nortel Enterprise


This report reviews the core issues in a Nortel-Avaya transaction and identifies the major challenges for the remaining competitors in a flat/declining market that is the 2009 UC market. As I have blogged many times, it is often less costly to buy the competitor than to fight for customers the old-fashioned way. Avaya’s goals going […]

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