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A Small Business Trinity?


brockmann-skypegooglesfdcGoogle Adwords, Skype and Salesforce.com are a potent collaboration of three market leaders. Powerfully, all three have direct to user sales models and deliver self-administered services. All three dominate the small business sectors, or are on their way to dominate.

Skype and Salesforce.com enabled a collaboration earlier in May 2007, where users of Salesforce.com could click on a user contact and their Skype client would begin dialing, or when finished with a SkypeOut can have the client's record popup so that the record of the call can be attached. This simple integration improves the productivity of Salesforce.com users, who otherwise have to cut and paste, or retype the phone number of the user.

The integration also enables screen pops, so that when so-and-so client calls on the SkypeIn, the context of the contact record appears in the browser. 

The recently announced Adwords and Salesforce.com collaboration is a backoffice integration that simplifies the marketer's job by allowing a responder to a search advertisement to complete a request for followup to be automatically entered as a 'LEAD' in the Salesforce.com system. But Salesforce.com allows the Adword program attributes – campaign, keyword, ad – to follow through the sales cycle – pipeline, forecast and results, and allows the marketer to adjust their keywords, campaigns as feedback from the complete sales cycle drives the search engine advertising input to the model.

Brilliant in design. However, there are challenges. Salesforce.com is notoriously slow, and at times cumbersome. I know, I've been a user of their service and other people's products in previous lives.

Mother’s Day is Free Skype Day


skypeFree calling comes to the USA and Canada (again) – [NOTE: This was 2007. There is no free calling in 2008].

What a great promo (here's the miceprint) idea.

Skype is offering a free day of calling, this Mother's Day, May 13, 2007. Historically, Mother's Day is the one day with the greatest call volumes. Presumably it's because so many adults call their mothers. I can't wait to hear the statistics of how many Skype calls were made. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Skype and Enterprise

I got an email from Paul Sagoo, the Global Business Director of Skype Enterprise Solutions today. They're looking for companies to participate in an early adopter program. To participate, the Early Adopters need to be companies with over 1000 employees already using Skype or looking to implement Skype in the future.

Key features promised in the Enterprise version include:

  • enterprise network compatibility (what does this mean?)
  • Company-owned Skype Name creation – this must mean the company owns the corporate directory model
  • Customizable (what does this mean?)
  • Direct technical support from Skype
  • Ongoing upgrades maintenance


Let me know if you'd like participate and I can send you their communication requirements. 

This is a little unorthodox in the method for finding lead enterprise customers. I'd have thought that Skype would look to natural partners – eBay corporate, PayPal or some friendly enterprise to work through the value proposition and feature requirements. Maybe Skype should implement a direct sales force (or have they?) to approach target customers directly.