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The Two Biggest Investment Issues

For most investors, the two biggest investment decisions are when to SELL*? and what to BUY*?

When to SELL* is an issue because a stock might have done well for us and we think it is still a good company. We hang onto losers way too long.

What to BUY* is an issue because there are so many choices. There are 3,812 publicly listed companies in the US, some 15,000 stocks traded over the counter and a total of some 50,000 around the world. But exactly how many of these are even worth the time to consider, let alone worth the effort to purchase a share?

These are no longer issues for Beyond ETFs subscribers.

Subscribers know when to SELL* because they received an Apple Push Notification message from Brockmann & Company that told them that there is a new version of the rank ordering of the S&P 100 available. Inspecting the Zone Changes part of the app tells them what stocks are in the BUY* zone and DON’T BUY MORE* zone. Tapping the My Scorecard gives the subscriber their stock that have passed the SELL* threshold.

Subscribers know what to BUY* because they know that the stocks in the BUY* zone are regularly rank-ordered as the stocks with the highest levels of Price Momentum.

Zone Changes?

The organization of the stock rankings into the Zones of the Brockmann Method.

The organization of the stock rankings into the Zones of the Brockmann Method.

The Brockmann Method rank-orders the stocks of the S&P 100 in terms of their relative Price Momentum. Those with the highest Price Momentum rank at the top of the rankings. Those with the lowest rank at the bottom of the rankings. The ten highest ranked stocks are the BUY* zone. Those in position 11-25 are in the DON’T BUY MORE zone. Those in position 26+ are in the AVOID zone. As the names suggest, the model generally BUYs what’s in the BUY* zone, SELL*s whatever’s in the AVOID zone and doesn’t BUY* more of what is in the DON’T BUY MORE zone. Stocks passing below the SELL* threshold are sold with the proceeds used to BUY* the highest ranked stock of the BUY* zone not already owned.

The stocks in the various zones do change over time. Often a stock will rise and fall in its rankings and maybe rise again depending on its success and the relative success of the other stocks in the Index.


Somebody else may have already asked (and we’ve answered) the same question as you. Check here first.

Brockmann & Company support services are available to customers to quickly help them resolve issues that they’re having with our products. Here you will find a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions and access to our engineering team as appropriate. Please, always check the knowledgebase for any similar problem you are having and try the listed solution first.

Subscription Support

Problems with subscriptions are addressed with Apple and iTunes App Store. Brockmann & Company cannot refund any payments, only Apple can. The Subscription section includes Restore Purchases which signals the App Store to collect your electronic receipt for service validation. Use the Subscription > Manage Subscription button to access the services to change or cancel your subscription.

All Other Issues

Many common iPhone/iPad issues can be addressed by systematically trying these methods. Of course, these may or may not resolve they specific issues, but it is usually worth a try before contacting us.

  • Check that you have the latest release of the app. Tap on the Preferences section to see the Beyond ETFs version number. Include this number, typically in the form 1.0.1 (44) in any support communication with us.WHY THIS WORKS: engineering improvements are constantly being made. Oftentimes these advances fix issues that we’ve discovered and implemented. The version on your device may not be the latest which may have already addressed the problem you’re having. Next, go to the App Store > Search > and put “Beyond ETFs” in the search window. Tap on the Beyond ETFs icon and you can see What’s New and the version number. If this is different, than what you saw in Preferences, then download the update and try again.
  • Check that you have the latest release of iOS. Tap on Settings > General > Software Update to see if Apple wants to upgrade the iOS on the device – a red (1) indicates that there is a software update waiting to occur. Before updating the operating system on the device, be sure to check that you have a recent backup of any content you created (recent photos, songs, notes, documents).To discover exactly what version of iOS is currently on the device, tap on Settings > General > About and inspect the Version number. Include this number in any support communication with us. Note that Model is also helpful in debugging device-specific problems.WHY THIS WORKS: Apple is constantly fixing bugs, introducing new features and retiring old features. These changes in the device operating system often effect the user experience. It is likely that the most current versions of both operating system and Beyond ETFs product will resolve most known issues.
  • Remove other apps from memory. Double-tap the home button so that you get a horizontal scroll of the apps you have recently had open. Swipe all the other apps up, one at a time, to remove them from memory.
    WHY THIS WORKS: Memory is the most constrained resource on the device. Normally, apps not in use go into background mode and avoid consuming limited resources like memory and network. Sometimes, this process doesn’t work as nicely as Apple and the rest of us developers expect. Removing apps from memory, makes ‘space’ for the app you are currently using.
  • If Beyond ETFs doesn’t work any better, remove it from memory and restart the app from the Home screen of the device.
  • Restart the device. Hold the sleep/wake button and the home button down at the same time for several seconds. The display will go black quite quickly (usually only 5 or so seconds). Hold the sleep/wake to restart the device. Try the app.
    It may be that the operating system of the device is not working properly and needs to reload from scratch, which it does when you reboot the device. I like to explain to people that this happens because, as good as the software is, it is written by mere mortals, and problems do occur from time to time. Hopefully, this will fix the problem(s).
  • Contact us to help you resolve the issue.

Beyond ETFs – The S&P 100 Subscription

The subscription service presents information to subscribers that is only visible in the app. This information is not financial advice. Subscribers acknowledge this in their agreement of the Terms of Service and End User License Agreement at the commencement of the service.

After the close of the markets, pretty much every weekday, Brockmann Analytics and Trading, a research firm founded by Wilf Brockmann, analyzes the S&P 100 stocks and rank orders them based on their price momentum. This information is automatically passed into Beyond ETFs app where the Brockmann Method is applied.

The Brockmann Method is based on economics research by Tobias Moskowicz, which holds:

  • “Stocks that have increased over the past 6-12 months are LIKELY to continue increasing for the next 6-12 months
  • Stocks that have decreased over the past 6-12 months are LIKELY to continue decreasing for the next 6-12 months”

The top 10 stocks form the BUY* zone, the positions 11-25 form the DON’T BUY MORE zone and those stocks in the 26+ positions are in the AVOID zone. A stock, formerly in the BUY* zone might fall below the 25th position passes the SELL* Threshold, signaling that it ought to be sold. Proceeds are used to purchase the member of the BUY zone not already owned.

Colors are used in the Scorecard section to indicate stocks to be sold (red), stocks in the Don’t Buy More zone (yellow) and stocks in the Buy zone (white cells). In fact, the app presents the owned stocks that are below the SELL* Threshold at the top of the My Scorecard section, with the red background so subscribers know something is to be done.

The subscription service provides the information. Together with the app, the retail investor has the tools to bring Knowledge and Discipline together to beat the index with their Self-Directed Fund.


Some of the content in Beyond ETFs is free and available to all users.

The best experience is through the subscription service. Beyond ETFs enables the In-App Purchase of ‘auto renewable subscription services’:
• S&P 100 Monthly renew
• S&P 100 Quarterly renew
• S&P 100 Annual renew

Note that subscription prices may vary by country and renewal period. All come with a 7-day FREE trial period. Check the App Store for your local price. Subscribers gain access to exclusive content such as daily updates to the BUY* zone, insights from frequent Zone Changes, details of the SELL* Threshold, personalized Scorecard.

Subscriptions automatically renew unless ‘auto-renew’ is turned off in iTunes account at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period. The payment method of your iTunes account will be charged the renewal fee 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the price and frequency that you select. Confirming the subscription will cause your iTunes account to be charged.

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