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Beyond ETFs is Here!

Well, actually, it’s in the Apple App Store for iPhone.

Click or tap on the Available on App Store image on the right and you’ll be directed right to our latest version.

Beyond ETFs is born out of frustration with professional financial advisor ‘help’ that really didn’t help. It’s born from years of disappointment with poor performance. It’s born out of a willingness to try something new, but with an fresh understanding that owning a stock is nothing like owning any other product known to man. Unlike a smartphone, it doesn’t respond to its masters’ voice. Unlike a lamp, it doesn’t do something specifically useful. Unlike a toy, there’s no thrill of motion or a sound or an imaginary battle. It just appreciates. Or. It. Doesn’t.

There are two amazing things about this app:

The Brockmann Method beats the Index by a factor of 3 X over the past ten years. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future success, but it sure is impressive!

  • One is that it works. And works. And works, really well. The Brockmann Method, diligently applied has been shown to generate a return nearly 3X greater than then S&P 100 index.
  • Two is that it is so simple that we are truly surprised that nobody thought of this before. Beyond ETFs is designed to exploit one, simple, economic principal in combination with the insight of an academic researcher. It is a rules-based, proven and elegant methodology to beat the Index. I use it every day, and have since I started working on this project in early 2017. You see, I fired my financial advisor and with the help of my brother, Wilf Brockmann, decided that creating my own Self Directed Fund was not only possible, but wonderful (and high performance).

You can get more details on the background of Brockmann Method in the Brockmann Analytics and Trading white paper here. You can download the app for free and subscribe using your iTunes app account. For a limited time, subscribers get a 7-day FREE trial period.

The Brockmann Method

This white paper, entitled Introducing The Brockmann Method: How I Consistently Beat The Index And So Can You, by Wilfred P. Brockmann, FCSI, is an overview of Price Momentum, Tobias Moskowitz, PhD’s economics research, the Brockmann Method and the back test of the Brockmann Method. Back test is the evidence that the model derived from the Brockmann Method worked for the past 10 years, where we’ve witnessed several extraordinary market conditions. Past performance is no guarantee of future success, but it does provide impressive results. Here’s an excerpt.

I love the markets. I want to help people make money. I love buying and selling stocks. Over the past 35 years, I have studied, developed and proved an investment method, cleverly called the ‘Brockmann Method’ that is a disciplined approach to investing that has worked for me this past decade and can work for you too.

Download the white paper, free with no obligation.

 Introducing The Brockmann Method: How I Consistently Beat The Index And So Can You

Tips – Encouragement & Insight

Beyond ETFs also offers Tips. These are periodic pearls of wisdom, anecdotes, market or app insights and answers to popular questions, which are delivered each week. Tips are available to guests and subscribers alike.

Subscribers Need To Add and Delete Stocks From Beyond ETFs

The personalized Scorecard features of the app depends on subscribers inputting their BUY*s and deleting their SELL*s. Tapping the Scorecard section of the app presents the Individual Stock Table.  This feature is exclusively for subscribers. It presents a listing of the stocks of the S&P 100 index organized into the BUY* zone, DON’T BUY MORE zone and AVOID zone. Every cell in the listing includes current price per share and today’s change in $ and %. In the Navigation Bar (top right), the subscriber can tap the (+) to insect the Add BUYs  section. This is like a spreadsheet where the subscriber inputs their stock purchases with Price, Date (of the form MMDDYY) and the Quantity of shares purchased. Subscribers can Save their data inputs.

If a subscriber were to purchase a stock more than once at different prices on different days, they can certainly reflect that in Beyond ETFs by Saving the result of the first purchase. Then (+) again to add it the second time and Save it and so on and so on.

Deleting a stock from the Individual Stock Table happens once the stock is sold. Simply tap on the My Scorecard and scroll to the stock in question (note that stocks below the SELL* Threshold are at the top of the Individual Stock Table listing). Swipe left reveals the red Delete button. Tap the Delete button and the stock is gone from the app and from the Scorecard.

The Two Biggest Investment Issues

For most investors, the two biggest investment decisions are when to SELL*? and what to BUY*?

When to SELL* is an issue because a stock might have done well for us and we think it is still a good company. We hang onto losers way too long.

What to BUY* is an issue because there are so many choices. There are 3,812 publicly listed companies in the US, some 15,000 stocks traded over the counter and a total of some 50,000 around the world. But exactly how many of these are even worth the time to consider, let alone worth the effort to purchase a share?

These are no longer issues for Beyond ETFs subscribers.

Subscribers know when to SELL* because they received an Apple Push Notification message from Brockmann & Company that told them that there is a new version of the rank ordering of the S&P 100 available. Inspecting the Zone Changes part of the app tells them what stocks are in the BUY* zone and DON’T BUY MORE* zone. Tapping the My Scorecard gives the subscriber their stock that have passed the SELL* threshold.

Subscribers know what to BUY* because they know that the stocks in the BUY* zone are regularly rank-ordered as the stocks with the highest levels of Price Momentum.

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