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Sir William Brockman


Sir William was born in Kent, England in 1595 and died on December 6, 1654. He earned a degree from Oxford University and was knighted by Charles I in 1632. In 1643, he was appointed Sheriff of Kent in respect of his loyalty to the King and the extensive landholdings in the county.

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Steve Brockmann


The German rock guitarist and composer, b. 1965 near Hamburg Germany. Since the early 1980s (he was 15 in 1980), Steve has been the creative lead in many bands, gigs and even support roles for rock legends such as Uriah Heep, Moody Marsden Band and Hawkwind.

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Suzanne Brockmann


Suzanne Brockmann – is the bestselling and New York Times Bestsellers List US Navy SEAL adventure novelist. She has an official website at www.suzannebrockmann.com and is in the process of promoting her latest novel which was released on August 15, 2006.

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Josef Müller-Brockmann


Josef Müller-Brockmann is the famous Swiss graphic designer (1914-1996) and teacher.

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Hermanus Brockmann wins Gold


It was the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. Hermanus, born on June 14, 1871 was a 29 year-old coxswain for the rowing team from the Netherlands.

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