Customer Insight

A Better Spin

Early in my career, at a prospective job interview with the CFO of Husky (an injection molding machine manufacturer in Canada and Austria), I was asked point blank, ‘are you a spin doctor?’

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Peter Brockmann spent eighteen years working in the communications equipment industry, marketing, selling and otherwise developing business for and with manufacturers. The market for these technologies has changed significantly and the opportunity to influence and monitor the progress of the industry has changed dramatically. This section of the site reflects a large body of research […]

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Customer Insights… Fast-Forward

The past several years have proven to be a sadly painful experience for Brockmann & Company on several levels. First of all, my largest client went chapter 11 in early 2009 as the financial industry and the US economy sank into a deep recession. Our other clients in the communications industry cancelled their services, one […]

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Applying Email Marketing Features to Personal Email


A standardized element of modern email marketing services provides statistical results of the campaign – what % of messages were opened, what % were forwarded. These large campaign services struggled with being able to scale their service to the point where they could enable or justify this functionality for the casual or individual emailer who […]

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Android Users Suffer Security Problems

CNet reported this morning research from a security company called Lookout, that Android users are more than twice as likely to see malware now than they were only six months ago. Mobile users also have a 30 percent chance of clicking on a malicious link. Malicious mobile attacks come in several varieties including OS-specific software […]

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