Northborough MA, Jan 22, 2008 – Brockmann and Company, the market insight company released its latest report entitled Video Conferencing Around the World 2008. The report is available for free download for a limited time on

Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann and Company said, "The adoption of video conferencing products and services is not uniform throughout the world. As discussed in several Brockmann & Company reports studying the service in various industries, MidMarket and by desktop and room-based reports, video conferencing is on a growth curve. It promises to break through the niche barriers in the coming years, but can only do so if the users quality of experience improves."

Brockmann added, "This report defines the perspective of our global business user panel and presents regional variances for discussions. In some parts of the world, for cultural, historical, telecom regulatory and economic reasons there is tremendous diversity in adoption, practice and potential, but substantial unanimity on the need for quality improvement." The report included recommendations for users.

The List of figures and tables include:

  • Figure 1 – Percent of respondents reporting that conferencing is very important to their business success by region.
  • Figure 2 – Percent of respondents reporting that desktop video conferencing is very important to their job performance, by region.
  • Table 3 – Desktop video conferencing consumption by region.
  • Figure 4 – Percent of respondents reporting that room video conferencing is very important to job performance.
  • Table 5 – Room-based video conferencing consumption by region.
  • Figure 6 – Average value in US$, of attending a video conferencing session instead of traveling 40 miles or 60 km to attend a face-to-face meeting.
  • Table 7 – Comparing 40-mile, 60-km business trip with video conferencing.
  • Table 8 – Percent of users recommending the 'one thing' to improve the conferencing experience at their organization.
  • Figure 9 – Percent of respondents rating the highest quality experience as high definition or telepresence, by region.
  • Figure 10 – Percent of users rating factor as very important in decisions about video conferencing equipment.
  • Figure 11 – Relative proportion of research participants by region.
  • Table 12 – Job classes of respondents.


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